The book has arrived! There are 100 signed and numbered copies available from 2 to 101. (Carla already purchased #1.)

This limited edition hard-cover release has the slap-bracelet jump drive bookmark with both TERRANOMALY albums, extra tracks, the pdf version of the book, the e-book, the audio book, and more. Retail is $59.00 and a buy it now button will be on the site as soon as the data is complete and copied to the jump drives.

It’s an important time in not only American history, but humanity’s history. By throwing off the enslavers and abusers of humanity, we open the door to the next higher level of participation in this area of the galaxy. A breakaway civilization of Earth humans is already involved.

Does mankind deserve to be there? Are the masses ready to interact with ETs both familiar in design and not? Most of the planet just hid in their homes with no rationalization aforethought. There was no killer virus. There was no need to buy 40 million sheets of toilet paper. What will happen if an alien race decided to use REAL bio-weapons on a global scale? Would we be ready to fight back? Can’t do it while cowering in our homes. A lot of education needs to happen on this world before we join the next level up. There are many positives, though.

Wait until July when a trickle of information of the new power generating equipment comes out! America will be the world leader of energy long after this world leaves petroleum atop a heap of obsolescence in which it deserves to reside.



This is the site with the updates for the book WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING by Michael O’Sedona. Since everyone needs an introduction, here is the introduction to the book.



This book is especially for those who may not be rock ‘n roll music fans, but definitely want to understand the message given by ET to some of us here on Earth, with instructions to tell everyone who will listen. Now, I don’t know if a million people received the same message that I did, but it was communicated to me that a million people on Earth have, in the first two years of this century, been contacted and have been told important concepts to communicate with all who are willing to hear.

On the other hand, if you do like rock ‘n roll music, there is the bonus of having the first two albums from Terranomaly attached to this book. I’m very proud of the music, the message, and the production on these recordings, and if you aren’t a fan of rock music, I hope that you’ll listen to these tracks at least once while reading the lyrics just for the energy of the message.

WAKE UP is meant to be listened to from beginning to end, so please reserve 43 minutes of uninterrupted time to read the whole lyrical story in one sitting while listening to the music. Wake Up identifies the problems that I feel are paramount for us to solve in order to restore the Republic to the greatness the Founders designed. These issues affect the American way of life. They disrupt living freely with all the rights granted by the Creator. The album was written and recorded between May and October of 2014. The songs were not written in order on the album, and I didn’t know I was writing a ‘theme’ album until the last couple of songs.

DO SOMETHING is an attempt to address the aforementioned problems with potential solutions. What can we do? Primarily, we can vote with our dollars. We can announce internet trolls to others.  We can expose the Fake News when we know better. We can recognize when our psyche is being attacked and stop giving our brain the simulations of death, murder, and mayhem. More than anything though, we can keep our minds in a positive, yet aware state and call out the BS anywhere we find it. It’s time for political correctness to end. It’s time to restore the culture of the Great Generation of Americans.

I don’t support things that are antithetic to the Constitution. Cable TV and professional sports are examples where money doesn’t have to be spent on Deep State projects, and without sacrifice to anything that really matters in this world. I try my best to use my dollars as my voice and conscience in the bigger-picture world.

I believe in donating time to people and projects that make positive differences in America and the world. I talk to people with the message of working together and doing for others over self. I pray for people and systems to be better, for all that is life. That’s what I can do in the face of an attack on the very foundations of the amazing experiment called the American Republic. What would you do?