The book has arrived! There are 100 signed and numbered copies available from 2 to 101. (Carla already purchased #1.)

This limited edition hard-cover release has the slap-bracelet jump drive bookmark with both TERRANOMALY albums, extra tracks, the pdf version of the book, the e-book, the audio book, and more. Retail is $59.00 and a buy it now button will be on the site as soon as the data is complete and copied to the jump drives.

It’s an important time in not only American history, but humanity’s history. By throwing off the enslavers and abusers of humanity, we open the door to the next higher level of participation in this area of the galaxy. A breakaway civilization of Earth humans is already involved.

Does mankind deserve to be there? Are the masses ready to interact with ETs both familiar in design and not? Most of the planet just hid in their homes with no rationalization aforethought. There was no killer virus. There was no need to buy 40 million sheets of toilet paper. What will happen if an alien race decided to use REAL bio-weapons on a global scale? Would we be ready to fight back? Can’t do it while cowering in our homes. A lot of education needs to happen on this world before we join the next level up. There are many positives, though.

Wait until July when a trickle of information of the new power generating equipment comes out! America will be the world leader of energy long after this world leaves petroleum atop a heap of obsolescence in which it deserves to reside.