Wake Up And Do Something excerpt 1

Wake Up And Do Something is at the printer, who is of course, shut down by a governor that wants America destroyed economically.

I felt a teaser might be appropriate, and since the book is chaptered by song, here is the chapter on Wake Up (It’s Gonna Be Alright).

Wake Up and Do Something pages 31-34

completed July 10, 2014 – 2nd song written

This song was the 2nd in the creation timeline for the album. It wasn’t until 3 months later after making the music video for this song that the album name starting hitting my consciousness. Even though the hints were there with Enough Is Enough and Breaking Day, the idea of a concept album never broke the surface before then. Wake up has many good reminders in very few lyrics. It is, of course, a command to WAKE UP from the slumber and falseness imposed on us as our reality, but it’s also a reassurance that we will come out the other side better for the trouble and the experience of making useless every weapon thrown at us by the Deep State actors.

Does it seem like your dream of paradise
Just got julienned before your eyes?

Once we start to wake up, we start to realize that everything we thought was going great is actually being manipulated and used against our success, and for the very, very few to prosper. One of the requirements to have any success at waking up is the removal of cable TV from one’s life. The constant, biased, agenda-pushing from the networks is really a counterproductive energy to be immersed in on a daily basis.

Too much assault is not good for your heart.

Negative energy
programming (it is
called television
a reason) is not
mandatory in our
lives. I found that in
very short order, I
was wondering why
it was I had it for the
five years prior.
Most of the time, we were watching the channel that lists all the channels. I figured out one month that we used over 75% of our TV time watching that channel. Save money and time every month by eliminating cable TV.

In that drama you should not take part.

Jordan Sather and Michael

We CAN pull the plug and cut the cable. Now, I think it makes sense to have an internet connection so that I can watch some of my favorite reporters like Jordan Sather and Greg Hunter, but I don’t have a cable of network channels spewing crap into my living environment both when I’m aware of it, and when I’m not.

There is no substitute for wisdom when it comes to solving problems, and that’s where the next lines come from. Every youngster needs a mentor to reveal the secrets of life.

When it seems you cannot find the floor,
Ask someone who’s been here long before.

Who better to start researching a subject through, than someone who has already compiled the most public of information on the given topic? If the topic is nothing new, like say ancient aliens, then why not look into the amazing research of Tellinger, Hancock, or Von Däniken before spending time on what’s already been recorded? Start with their info, then find what hasn’t been revealed by finding patterns in their research. Next, the biggest revelation from the song is given.

Truth is hidden firmly from your sight.
Zoom back and step up to see the light.

The key to recognizing the truth is to have the perspective from which the proper solution can be seen. Insufficient data yields an improper solution. The rabbit hole can get deep, dark, and scary, however, so the next line provides the defense:

Watch but don’t you be consumed in flight.
Wake up! It’s gonna be alright.

One must always remember that while observing the dark side, one must not be consumed in it or by it. Staying emotionally disconnected while researching in the rabbit hole is recommended. If emotional pain begins, it’s probably time to take a break from reading.

Wake Up started as just a song. It became a mantra. Between 2015 when the album was written, and 2017, “Waking Up” or being “Woke” became handles in public parlance on whether one was actually recognizing what was going on, or was being fooled by the MSM and the global agenda, respectively. Almost right away, radio stations with self-help programming began asking for use of the track, and to this day, it is the most downloaded Terranomaly track. It is a bit unusual as our tracks go, as it starts out with a little drum solo, then a strange little bridge with the usual Terranomaly guitar harmonies. I think it has a kind of haunting melody but a bright message, considering the content of the album and the world around us.

Wake up; it’s gonna be alright.

The knowledge is necessary to have at least in the subconscious in order to reach the critical mass to shift the planet and our existence from slave beings to creator beings.